Dr. Bradley Bloom Memorial


An opportunity to contribute to Bradley Bloom's memory

There is a way of walking through life with wonder, curiosity, positive energy, grace, and love. It is the way of The Artist. It was Bradley Bloom's way. Brad left this life on June 6, 2016.

Brad's beloved wife, Wendy Bloom, one of this school's founders, asked me to serve on its board over 20 years ago. Of course, I immediately said "yes", because I knew what kind of people Wendy and Brad were; I hoped that some of that might somehow rub off on me!

My interactions with Brad were frequent, as a violinist under his baton and as a friend. Brad was a superb conductor, that peculiar sort of professional who is able to communicate more ideas through a stick than most people can in conversation. And Brad had lots of those ideas! But even better, Brad made music interesting, fun, and meaningful. He brought out the best in his musicians. Wendy, an amazing mezzo-soprano with a very active performance career, frequently collaborated with Brad, and I had the great good fortune to experience the power of those collaborations, first hand.

Brad's musical biography is long and strong. With bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Michigan, and a doctorate from the University of Iowa, Brad started his professional career there as chair of the Fine Arts Department. When he and Wendy came to Ann Arbor, Brad secured his position as the director of the beloved Ann Arbor Cantata Singers, a post he held for 20 years. At the same time, Brad became professor of music at Schoolcraft College, and later the University of Michigan, where he also held the post of assistant dean. Always in demand as an educator, choral conductor, and administrator, Brad finished his career at the University of Windsor, before retiring a couple of years ago.

The Story of Brad and Wendy is the story of artists, unique individuals who strive to bring something of themselves to the world, work closely with others to do the same, and share their gifts generously. Their lives as teachers were dedicated to helping everyone discover and nurture their own uniqueness, enabling them to navigate their own lives fearlessly and enthusiastically. It is their legacy, and it goes to the heart of the vision and mission of the Community Music School of Ann Arbor.

With Wendy Bloom's support, we have set up an account for contributions to the Bradley Bloom Memorial, with proceeds going to the Community Music School of Ann Arbor, sustaining Brad's legacy as a catalyst for others to discover and nurture their artistic gifts. Please consider a gift in Brad's name.


Val Jaskiewicz
Chair, Community Music School of Ann Arbor