Charlie Reischl

Charlie Reischl

  • Double Bass

Charlie Reischl's teaching is informed by being a performing musician, community organizer and youth worker.  He studied classical double bass performance at the University of Michigan and the Eastman School of music, and has played electric bass for 12 years.  Charlie performs classical, jazz, folk, rock and bluegrass music around Southeast Michigan.  He consults booking music and art installations in the Ann Arbor area for community festivals. Charlie also works at the Neutral Zone Teen Center as the Music Programs Coordinator.

I feel that students should be helped to find music they can become passionate and motivated about.  I work on technical skills with students as a tool to get them to obtain their own artistic freedom.   It’s important to keep students interested and positive about what they are working on!  I try to make it fun for people and I think my students walk away with a better understanding of the instrument after having a good time.