Bonnie Lyn Paige

Bonnie Lyn Paige

  • Violin

  • Violin, Suzuki Meets Opera, Caring Clowns

Miss Bonnie Lyn began playing violin using the Suzuki method at age 4 with her dalmatian, Inky. They practiced at home together and performed at dog shows, parades, and informal concerts at the mall. Although it was their dream to become a famous duo and perform in Central Park, Miss Bonnie Lyn decided to share her passion for music through teaching. She began teaching out of her home at age 17, then went on to hold a position with the Oklahoma City University Performing Arts Academy. Since then, she has gone through training for Suzuki Books 1, 2, 3, (looking forward to 4) and "Every Child Can."

She is currently teaching at the Community Music School of Ann Arbor (CMSa2) in Michigan, where her students are encouraged to experience music in creative ways. Singing the repertoire is one such way she encourages her students to learn their music, and this is how Suzuki Meets Opera was born- a musical drama that uses the repertoire of Suzuki's Book 1. She also directs the Caring Clown Kids of Ann Arbor, whose mission is to spread joy, laughter, and music to those that need it most. Students in this class dress as clowns and play their violins for people in retirement communities, hospitals, and more. Of course, there's also the bi-annual Suzuki Celebration Concert, and the Halloween Festival, complete with costumes, music, and healthy goodies.

Miss Bonnie Lyn is the violinist in the husband/wife team Clarilyn Duo which performs music transcriptions for clarinet and violin. Her husband, Jason Paige is the clarinetist with the new music ensemble Latitude 49. When not performing with Jason, Miss Bonnie frequently performs at faculty recitals and church services.

In her teaching, Miss Bonnie aspires for her students to become good people as well as good musicians. “The main thing I want my students to gain is the ability to listen,” she says. “If they can learn to listen intently to music, they can apply those skills to listening to people in the world. This is how we can create peace.”